Star Trek Trivia

Identify The Star Trek Episode, Based Upon A Fragment Of Dialogue

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This web site presents several Star Trek quotes (i.e. fragments of dialogue), selected at random from various episodes in the original series. You must identify the episode. Some quotes are easy, others are more difficult. A new set of quotes is generated each day. Log in every day and try your luck.

Each quote is followed by the word "answer". Click on this option to see the name of the episode, and a brief description of its plot (in case you do not know all the episodes by name). An example is presented below.

Bonk bonk on the head, bonk bonk.

There are enough quotes to last a year, whereupon the cycle repeats. By default, this web site generates today's quotes, but you can ask for quotes in the recent past. If, on Monday morning, you want to see Sunday's quotes, enter a 1 in the "days prior" field below. If you also missed Saturday's selections, enter a 2. If you were on vacation for a week, enter 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

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I'm A Doctor, Not A

Perhaps the most StarTrekian quotes are those that assert, "I'm a X, not a Y." In most cases Dr. McCoy is asserting his status as physician, but not always. These classic quotes, indicated by a leading asterisk, are worth two points (if you identify the episode). To obtain these quotes, enter the magic code "X" in the previous form.


When I compiled these quotes, I did not have access to print copies of the scripts; I translated each sentence from audio tape. Thus the spelling of every proper noun is suspect. Sentence structure and punctuation are also inferred. If you are able to correct any of these errors, I would appreciate