Rubik's Cube Software -- Solve The Cube

Copyright Notice

This web page provides access to software that solves the standard Rubik's cube, the pocket Rubik's cube, and many other permutation puzzles. The programs contained herein, SOLVE2X and SOLVE3X, are the exclusive property of the author, copyright (c) Karl Dahlke, 1998. The software may not be redistributed to others, nor can its functionality be offered to others (e.g. incorporating this software in your public web site). It may be freely used by individuals for personal, non-profit purposes.

Obtaining Your Own Copy

If you would like a private copy of this software, download the source and/or the Windows executable using the hyperlinks presented below. Although some documentation is provided, the software is surprisingly complex, and those who wish to modify the source or incorporate it in a larger system might find the descriptions inadequate. Also, the code is not well commented, nor is it pretty. Run it through cb or indent if you want it indented.

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