Solve Your Scrambled Rubik Cube

Use this form to enter the current configuration of your cube. The form contains six text entry fields, one field for each face. The first field asks for the 9 colors that appear on the top face of your cube. Each color is indicated by a single letter. Use any letters you wish, but be consistent. Most people use initials (i.e. r=red, b=blue, g=green, etc). When entering the top face, start with the back row and proceed left to right, as though you were reading a printed page. The second field asks for the front face. Enter the colors of the top row first (left to right), then the second row, then the bottom row. Enter the right, back, and left faces in a similar fashion. Finally, tip the cube up and read the colors off the bottom face, starting with the near (front-most) row. After you have entered all six faces, submit the form, and I will tell you how to solve your cube.

Enter top face, back row first:
Enter front face, top row first:
Enter right face, top row first:
Enter back face, top row first:
Enter left face, top row first:
Enter bottom face, front row first:

Solve the cube:

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