Musicality Quiz

You will hear snippets of 4 songs - you must determine what they have in common. The lyrics might have a common theme, or the instruments, or the names of the bands, or the singers, or the engineering, or something else. You can use the internet to find information about a particular singer or song, but don't use Google or SoundHound to simply find the answers. That spoils the fun, and the whole point is to have fun.

If the common thread is, sung by Joe Shmoe, some of the snippets will feature his voice, but some might not. You need to recognize the songs and realize they are all Joe Shmoe, or maybe just guess from the first three that they are all Joe Shmoe.

Each song set includes a text field that you can use to jot down your answers, or at least take notes. I will remember your answers (via cookies) each time you return to this web site. The first note is preset with a hint. A green heart appears next to each answer that is correct. This is updated automatically as you change your answers, however, it is a simple scan for keywords, not an English interpreter, hence it may not be 100% accurate. At the end you can send me an email with your answers, and any feedback or ideas you might have.

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If a family member wants to use your computer to take this quiz, you can clear your answers and start over.