An Homage to President Obama

I am the head of an ordinary, perhaps typical, low-income family. President Obama has, almost single-handedly, and against fierce republican opposition, saved my family from poverty and homelessness. If I had to place a dollar amount on his help, I would estimate $90,000, though his assistance probably goes beyond anything quantifiable. And yet he is vilified, mostly by those who don't need his programs and are unwilling to share their tax dollars with others. They cry "socialism", close their wallets, and vote for Trump. If Trump unravels even half of President Obama's programs, I may yet wind up on the street.

This is of course one family's perspective, my perspective. No doubt there are people who were harmed by some of Obama's policies. Even my daughters; they can't get more than 20 hours of work because small businesses can't afford the healthcare tax on fulltime employees. Everything you do in Washington hurts somebody and helps somebody else; you just hope you are helping more people, and that the harm done is minimal, e.g. a tad more tax on the über-rich. That's the goal, and I believe Obama met the challenge moreso than other presidents in the past. At the end of the day, I shouldn't just write a tribute to the man, I should erect a statue. As I think about Obama's legacy, I am reminded of an anecdote from 1945. After FDR's death, a spectator, watching the funeral procession, fell to his knees in grief. Another man helped him to his feed.

“Did you know President Roosevelt?”, ask the second man with concern.

“No,” said the first, “but he knew me.”

Rather than focusing on my fammily, or perhaps another family, which is anecdotal, here is a more global view.

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