Open Letter to the Brookside Condo Association

Dear Brookside Village Board:

In March of 2014 I moved into your community to care for my mother, who was terminally ill. At that point I became a "co-owner" in your community, sharing the condominium with my Mom.

things went well for a year or so, until our racist neighbor realized my black son was living with us, a part of her lilly white community. She wanted none of that, but thanks to the Fair Housing Act of 1965, she couldn't object on racial grounds. Still, there are plenty of ways to force black people out, even in the 21st century. Ever watchful, she found small violations of your rules, and reported each one in turn. You then became her foot-soldiers, promoting her racist agenda without even realizing it.

One of her favorite complaints is the presence of our dog on a chain, next to our patio, at the botttom of a hill, some 30 feet from the sidewalk. You can't even see her from the street. The dog never barks and never causes any trouble. Well rules are rules, whether there is in fact any danger to the public, which, in this case, there is not. If our neighbor didn't exist and didn't file all these complaints you wouldn't know the difference, because no harm is done; but she does exist, and she does complain, and so you are set in motion like a pack of attack dogs at her command.

We made our case before the board, noting that half the violations were flat-out lies, (we certainly clean up after our dog in a timely manner), and the other violations, such as the dog on the chain, really don't matter. I am totally blind and my wife has a broken leg and severe arthritis, thus it is easier to put the dog on a chain and sit inside behind the doorwall and watch her, than to stand outside with her on a leash in inclement weather. It's easier for us, and honestly, it's a stupid-ass thing to worry about. People are starving in India, and this is the shit you're worried about?

On October 11 I received a registered letter addressed to my Mom. Since she died in April I opened it. It was from your attorneys, ready to fine or evict her over these trivial matters. I'm glad she died before she had to witness this fascism in action. You would really evict three disabled people from their home because a dog was on a chain instead of a leash? Really? What the hell is wrong with you people?

I am happy to say that we are leaving this sterile community, never to return. When we walk down the street and see all houses the same, all painted the same, all with the same screen doors and the same flowers no taller than 12 inches, and the same approved decorations according to the season, I am reminded of the planet Camazotz in A Wrinkle in Time, where the children go out at 3:00 to bounce their balls in unison, then go back into their houses at 3:15. Any deviation from this pattern is severely punished by IT. Honestly when I went before the board I expected to see a disembodied brain on a dais controlling all of Brookside Village.

You need to stop persecuting your residents in the name of conformity. People are not all the same, and they don't need to act the same, or look the same. And if one of them is black, realize that the complaints levied against him may be part of a racial agenda. Throw them into the waste basket, where they belong. In other words, get a grip!

Karl Dahlke