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In the early 30's, Germany was in economic ruin.  In that context, desperate people would flocked to any leader who promised a way out.  And if he blamed the ills of their nation on a small minority, so much the better.  "Not our fault we lost the war, not our fault our currency has the value of toilet paper, it's those damn Jews!"  And history unfolds from there.  But we're not in economic ruin.  We haven't been roundly defeated in a World War.  We've gott some problems sure, but no more than we had ten years ago, and maybe less, as measured by some indicators such as unemployment.  So what possible excuse can we offer for supporting someone as Vile as Trump?  {s/Jews/Muslims/g S/Poles/Mexicans/g …}  I think the media plays a role and has literally set the stage, but there's probably more to it than that.  In any case, it's terribly frightening that he might get elected to anything higher than dog catcher, and personally, I'm not sure how he would treat the dogs - we know he doesn't like creatures who allow themselves to be captured.  Must Read

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